About Kristen Ma

Kristen Ma is the co-founder of Pure + simple Inc., a Canadian holistic spa chain and manufacturer of natural skincare and mineral makeup. Kristen is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP) with certification from the Kerala Ayurvedic Academy. She wrote the award-winning book, Beauty: Pure+simple, and was named “Best Facialist in the City” by Toronto Life Magazine.  She is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

Kristen is also a certified esthetician with over ten years of practical experience, having worked in Canada as well as Australia.  Beauty: Pure + Simple  was published by McArthur and Company in Canada and by Shambhala Publications Inc. in the USA.

Journey to Wellness

Kristen’s extensive knowledge about beauty and skincare stem not only from her work and study experience, but also from her own skin tribulations. Kristen was drawn to the world of skincare at age ten when she became afflicted with her own skin ailment: chronic acne.

Desperate to find a solution for her acne, she spent years searching and researching the cosmetic industry. It is to this search that she attributes most of her knowledge of skincare products and treatments. It was during this time, too, that she discovered the healing properties of natural skincare and the necessity of incorporating internal wellness into any efforts to resolve skin problems.

The Pure + simple Truth

Informed by knowledge and experience in both Eastern medicine and European esthetic techniques, Pure + Simple’s mandate became crystallized in the company’s pursuit of effectively delivering visible skin improvement through a holistic approach.

“When we assess a new client’s skin, we must look at them as holistic human beings rather than just focus on what is evident externally. Yes, we need to look at their skin, but it is also important to review their lifestyles, their internal health, their emotional states, and their tactile and fragrance preferences.”

Getting The Word Out

Kristen has been voted “Best Facialist in the City” by Toronto Life Magazine and quoted as a Skin Expert by numerous press including:

  • The National Post
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Toronto Star
  • The Yoga Journal
  • Flare Magazine
  • Fashion Magazine
  • AOL’s Style List
  • NOW Magazine
  • Hello Magazine
  • MSN Health & Wellness News
  • The Huffington Post

Kristen is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and columnist in Tonic Magazine.  She has also written on the subject of holistic beauty for a number of publications such as Sweat Equity, Tathasstu, Vitality and Alive Magazine.

Kristen started her blog Holistic Vanity in April of 2009 out of a desire to showcase new beauty treatments and trends as they relate to Ayurveda and natural health and beauty.

Kristen represents Pure + simple at public events by lecturing at national trade shows about Ayurveda and natural skincare and by sitting on professional panels for the Association of Chinese Canada Entrepreneurs (ACCE) and Fashion Group International (FGI).

Her television appearances have included Global News, BNN, Live Healthy Now, Daytime Toronto, Toronto Shops, OMNI Television, Shops 411, Yummy Mummy, Diva on a Dime and Princess.