Blemish Fighting Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin SeedsI’ve recently fallen in love with Black Cumin Oil.  This oil has so many skin benefits that it makes your head dizzy.  This oil has been used in healing for centuries and is said to be found inside King Tut’s tomb upon discovery – it’s that much of a precious, cherished ingredient.  But what I love about it is that its excellent for blemish-prone skin.  While I have a few oils in my arsenal for acne, this one is not just balancing and preventative but also purifying.

Black Cumin Benefits

Also, called Nigella Sativa (what a pretty name), black cumin seeds have been used as medicine in Ayurveda too.  It is prized for its stimulating properties, which helps with increasing energy, anti-aging, supporting digestion and treating allergies.  It has been used as a sort of natural anti-histimine as well as an anti-inflammatory.  Even the Prophet Mohammad was quoted as saying, “There is healing in Black Seed for all diseases except death.”  However, I have used the actual seeds in my pepper grinder and tried to use it in lieu of black pepper – its tastes a bit bitter so I don’t recommend it this way.

The Oil – Skin Therapy

black cumin oil skinFor beauty, like many oils it helps seal in moisture and nourish depleted skin.  But what I like it for is acne.  Because of its purifying and redness reducing abilities, this oil is perfect for clarifying congested complexions as well as calming angry breakouts.  I can feel a little stimulating for the first few minutes of application but its just the feeling of this fabulous oil doing its work.  It doesn’t cause any inflammation so the slight tingling isn’t aggravating to sensitive skin.  Saying this, its very subtle and some people don’t find it causes any sensation – so don’t be too worried!

It also helps to rebalance sebum-production and protect against bacterial infection leading to pimples.  All round, this oil supports problem skin – but many that do not have acne-prone skin use it (even for anti-aging) so even if you don’t break out all the time, your skin can benefit from it.

I’ve also heard that it is great for strengthening hair and helping hair growth.  I’ll be trying putting this to the test too.  Is there no end to the fabulousness of black cumin oil?

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  1. heather

    Hi, this is interesting! What do you suggest for application of this oil on the skin? Is there a brand that you’d recommend? Thank you!

    • kristen

      I don’t have a brand on the market right now – as I’ve been using it from a great supplier based in France who makes excellent organics. I am planning to intro our own soon! But I’m sure if you find an organic format of pure black cumin oil that it should be fine. Its uncommon enough that most companies have not started adding in icky additives yet unlike other en vogue oils.

    • kristen

      We actually started to sell this oil in our acne line now due to the great results we have found!

  2. shalla

    would love to know your french source for the oil… i live here and cant find anything!!

    so far my mom has been shipping me stuff she gets in the states
    bottle of black seed oil she sent me is from dr adorable and she found this huge tub of coconut oil (forget the label) but both from amazon

    seeing as i live in france i would like to try and find something more local

    going to try the oil tonight for my face, using it two days internally…wow detox!
    hoping it will help my face, did a quick test on my hand to see if i had external allergy but all is good… so…wish me luck!

    23yrs sick and 25yrs with “acne”

  3. teressa

    shalla, check the N African / Middle Eastern shops in your area – where I am in Toronto, almost all the black seed oil is imported from Israel, Lebanon, etc. (Mine says “Baraka” oil). Anyway, unless you live in a small town, you should be able to find it no problem.

  4. Maren has tons of organic carrier oils including black cumin seed oil and they are very trustworthy and many organic certifications. I loooove there website for oils especially:)

  5. Christine

    How do you use with on your skin to help acne?

  6. Christine

    How do you use this on your skin to help acne?

  7. Loving the information on this web site, you have done great job on the content.

  8. Tatou

    Try PRANAROM! It is actually French, and it is also certified organic. I use it, its the best!

  9. Mama1999

    I am 34 years old and have tried everything to fight my adult acne. I recently started seeing a holistic Dr. to seek options other than prescriptions. She recommended this oil and in only 3 weeks I can see a tremendous difference. I take it morning and night by a dropper (place the dropper in back of your throat because it tastes like motor oil). I also slather on my face each night before bed. My cystic acne has almost disappeared. This is a miracle oil!!!

    • vincent

      how do you apply the oil on your face, do you mix it with anything? I tried it on my face pure, and it made my eyes sting and watery, and red. its hard to find any info online, on how to apply it on the face, nobody explains how…..

  10. kristen

    Hi Vincent, that’s a good question. Some people who are not sensitive can use the oil pure. In terms of a reaction, it depends on quality too (as with all oils). But sensitive skin or reactive skin should dilute it – that is why I mix it in my acne oil formula. I don’t know your skin type but I would start with diluting it with another oil 50% and 50% of each.

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