Bridal Makeup Tips: Holistic Vanity Style

wedding makeupSo, my wedding is drawing close and its crunch time in deciding my makeup plan.  Being in the beauty industry and having done bridal makeup for others, I think the stakes are pretty high.  I may be crazy but I’m doing my own makeup simply because its a hassle to source a makeup artist when going destination as well as the fact that I’m supposed to be a professional (!)  And since I’ve been contemplating wedding beauty for the last few days, I decided to do this post on bridal makeup.  Really, its usually a simple look that accentuates your natural features and the following are easy ways to achieve this.

1. Glowing Skin: An Imperative.  Every bride wants to have a flawless complexion – this is especially important because there won’t be a ton of color or drama to distract from the look of your skin.  Camouflaging skin imperfections to even the tone will make an immediate difference.  When blocking redness, blemishes, dark spots and circles, the features become more prominent.  Lessening redness will make the color of your eyes really pop.  Sometimes full foundation is not necessary, a little dab of concealer will do the trick; however, using a mineral base is beneficial for protecting the skin.  Its also great for staying power on your busy day.  If you do want an all-over foundation, color-match it to the skin on your neck so you won’t look like you are wearing a mask.  If your neck and face are very different in color, pick an in-between shade to blend and even this out.

2.  Tend to your brows.  Eyebrows are one of our most influential features.  Darkening them will give the face more definition, while lightening them softens it.  Always keep in mind that the brows frame the eyes.  If they are too thick or dark they will overpower and take attention from the beauty of the eyes.  If they are too light the complexion will look washed out.  The most important thing for your big day is to have them be clean.  Get rid of strays and get a good shaping a few days before you walk down the aisle.

3.  Contour to shape the face.  If you aren’t going to be wearing a lot of color, you want to make sure your face is sculpted really well.  This also helps you look great in your wedding photos – especially black and white prints. Remember, that dark color creates shadows and pushes in, while light color highlights and pushes out.  Of course, we must always blend for a natural, flawless look.

4.  Pump up the soft colors.  Using a blush or bronzer will create a healthy glow.  After using a foundation, you will look unnatural without blush because you have blocked out your natural cheek color.  Again, blush is key for photos.  The camera often blanches us out, more color than usual is needed, amplifying what we should do day-to-day.  But when prepping for a wedding (especially for daytime ceremonies), stick with soft peaches apricots, pink rose colors or light bronzers.  When applying blush, start from the temples and blend down into the cheeks and along the cheekbone to contour and chisel the face.  Applying soft, circular color only on the apples of the cheeks will emphasize that area and soften the face.

5.  Moisten your Kisser.  Whatever else you do, always keep your lips moist.  This will bring fullness to your pucker without a ton of color.  Plus, your kisser will be on show for your first wedding smooch!  I suggest steering clear of matte lipsticks – glosses will create a pouty, full-lipped look while matte lipsticks flatten.  But in the end, whichever you choose, the best products treat the lip skin too and combating chappedness or flakes..

Of course, these are only guidelines.  Always use what makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and attractive on your special day.

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