Acne is not only a skin ailment, but an expression of internal imbalance.

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Squeezing acne

Acne Skin

Zits, pimples, pustules, blemishes, whatever their name — we hate them. In this age of high stress, pollution + junk food diets, acne is widespread. For some people, acne is a minor annoyance, for the less lucky, it lowers self image + self-esteem.These people are prime victims for the false promise of beautiful skin from makers of deep pore cleansers + oil absorbing creams. I was one of these people.

“I couldn’t even look people in the eye,” a friend once told me.

“I feel people talking to my blemishes when they are talking to me”, another friend shares.

Usually, acne begins as a minor frustration caused by hormones, bad products/regimes or stress. It is when the obsession over break outs + we start to pick + squeeze that the problem is made much worse + much deeper.

What is Acne?

In short, a break out is a clogged pore which has become infected. It is a comedone which becomes a pustule due to many factors discussed below. This is why the minimization of blackheads decreases acne.

Causes of Acne

1. Clogged pores due to product + make-up

As explained previously, synthetic products have pore clogging ingredients. This causes a comedone which is a component of a break out. Often, acne sufferers will be dependant on cover up cosmetics to hide their blemishes, only worsening the problem. Even if good skincare is used, the clogging effect of commercial make-up lines prevents the skin from fully clearing up. A pressed powder natural mineral make up is beneficial for a good cover-up without clogging.

A quick + relaxing way to unclog pores + get a start on great skin is a Pure + simple Facial Treatment. The Urban Renewal Facial is specifically designed to clean up stressed out city skin with enlarged pores.

2. Excess oil

Excess oil is the commonly blamed culprit of acne prone skin. It is generally believed if the skin is stripped of its oils, it will help prevent + clear up blemishes. This is not true. While excessively oily skin has a propensity to break out as pores are more easily clogged etc, oily skin can the most beautiful + healthy of skin types if properly maintained. Oily skin does not need to use oil control products despite popular belief. This may actually induce acne by dehydrating skin, which more often than not results in clogged pores. Oily skin must make sure hydration of the skin is maintained so that oils do not dry +/or solidify in the pores before flowing onto the surface of the skin to keep it dewy.

A great way to reduce oil production is to use a high quality oil blend. The body will produce less oil when the body no longer detects a need for it. Some excellent + proven oil moisturizers are Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil, Jurlique Daycare Face Oil+ Pure + simple Pure Skin Face Oil.

3. Dehydration

Dehydration is actually the most common cause of acne in my experience. Because oils will harden in a dry environment, clogged pores will result. Often people break out during the seasonal change to winter or if moving to a drier environment. Most people believe it’s the humid environment that would cause breakouts but this is a less common case. While the sun may be a factor, it is usually the absence of moisture which causes acne. Internal dryness (the need for more water in the body +/or more oils to retain the water) is one cause. But aiding dehydration topically is just as important if not more. We cannot control how our body disperses the water we ingest, or which areas are being hydrated, so using products which will give us more moisture is the most direct way to fight dehydration. Oil based products will also help seal in water. Cigarette smoking, caffeine + alcohol are dehydrating as well as taxing to the liver.

One of the best ways to hydrate the face is Collagen. Hydrating Serums like the Algae Serum + Vitamin Enzyme Serum. Act as the hydrating base under a moisturizer in cold dry weather + can be used a light moisturizer for oilier skin types in summer.

4. Sun

Sun exposure can cause acne as it stimulates the sebaceous glands. It can also cause eurythema (burning) which weakens the skin by traumatizing it + acne results from the reduction in the skin’s immunity.