General Holistic Beauty

Learn about natural skincare and Ayurveda. From everyday beauty tips to the philosophy of Eastern Medicine, understand the Holistic Vanity approach.

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10 reasons to go natural

1. Support ethical companies

Support smaller skincare companies which utilize ethical practices, higher quality ingredients + honest marketing.

2. Endorse humane treatment of animals

Endorse cruelty-free skincare + make-up.

3. Support a natural environment

Support an environment free of toxic chemicals + pesticides. Stop the pollution + depletion of the earth’s soil + the use of genetic engineering.

4. Soothe Sensitivity

Aid sensitivity through natural products, as chemical ingredients cause skin irritation + allergic reactions.

5. Stop clogging

Stop pore-clogging through petroleum-free skincare. Petroleum-based products cannot fully penetrate the skin + sit on the skin’s surface causing acne, dehydration + blackheads.

6. Prevent Aging

Prevent aging by using vegetable-based skincare which fully penetrates the skin. This eliminates dehydration + fine lines as product can truly hydrate + nourish.

7. Protect your health

Protect your health with skincare which is free of toxic chemicals. Prevent the absorption of harmful + carcinogenic ingredients into the skin, body tissues + bloodstream.

8. Go holistic

Go with a holistic view of the body, mind + spirit. Have a more natural definition of beauty, being part of a mental + emotional state. Realize the skin is a reflection of the internal.

9. Feed your skin

Feed your skin for a healthy glow. Natural products boost the skin’s defense system aiding skin ailments such as: eczema, rosacea + dermatitis.

10. Detoxify

Detoxify your skin + body. Clogged pores inhibits detoxification through perspiration. The body is also enabled to purge toxins, as it is no longer taxed by harmful chemicals, dyes + perfumes.