Anti-Bac Pine Mint Skin Tonic

Balancing Black Mud Turmeric Lotion

This matte, non-greasy lotion calms sensitive or inflamed papules and pustules as well as purifies congested complexions. It contains Black (dead sea) Mud, which remineralizes + disinfects skin, nourishing Babassu oil and uber moisturizing plant seed oleosomes. Infused with turmeric, it regenerates under-siege, problem skin.

Organic Content

This all-natural product is made up of 85% organic ingredients.

Price: $50


Black Mud Turmeric
This mud from the dead sea contains so many minerals with their own therapeutic properties. It mineralizes the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant along with its natural germicidal action. Turmeric root too is a mutli-talented ingredient. An antibacterial in its own right, it also is antifungal and skin regenerating. But its intensive anti-inflammatory effects is where this active really shines.
Babassu Oil Safflower Oleosomes
Derived from the fruit of the Babassu palm trees native to South America, this lightweight oil encourages wound healing and soothes skin. It contains a healthy dose of vitamin e, which also is why it’s so good at treating and preventing scars. Extracted from plant seed oils, this ingredient is a combination of microparticles of emollients and vitamins, called oleosomes. These specialized actives collapse and release their moisturizing contents gradually, providing the skin with long lasting skin nourishment.
Scent and Feel

This lotion is medium in weight and completely matte. It is not heavily fragranced as it has a very subtle citrus, earthy smell.


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