Clarifying Black Cumin Oil

Clarifying Black Cumin Oil

Black Cumin oil has been used for centuries to kill bacteria and maintain hygiene. Used in Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Ancient Greek and Egyptian healing, this oil was considered so beautifying that it was said to be used by Cleopatra and the seeds were even found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. However, when it’s pure it can be too intense for ultra-sensitive skin. So, we combined it with the equally precious Babassu oil, making it good for all skin types. Babassu oil is a skin soothing, light-textured oil that can even be used on oily complexions. In fact, this oil helps to regulate sebum-production as well as kills acne microbes.

Organic Content

This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredients.

Price: $43


Black Cumin Oil Babassu
Regarded in Middle East as a powerful cure all, this oil protects and boosts skin immunity while acting as a natural germicidal. Harvested from the Babassu palm trees of South America, this fruit yields a beautiful, light-textured oil that soothes skin inflammation and helps to prevent scars.
Scent and Feel

The smell of this oil is medicinal and herbaceous. Its texture is light and runny, making it a good base under mineral makeup powder.


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