The Rosacea Care Line

Rosacea is an extreme form of skin sensitivity. It appears on our complexions as flushed reddened skin with dilated and broken capillaries.

Holistic Vanity Rosacea CareRosacea is an extreme form of skin sensitivity. It appears on our complexions as flushed, reddened skin with dilated and broken capillaries. As it develops, rosacea becomes increasingly inflamed, and angrier stages of this condition are often also afflicted with papules and a thickened texture.

Rosacea is becoming more and more common in the modern age due to greater exposure to extreme weather, pollution, sun and lifestyle stress. Also referred to as “acne rosacea”, it can create acne-like bumps on the skin, which do not come to a head but are full of lymphatic fluid. They can appear chronically, or as flare-ups during times of stress and aggravation, or when the skin’s barrier is compromised.

To treat rosacea, gentle, calming skincare must be used, paired with a Pitta-balancing (anti-inflammatory) lifestyle and alkalizing diet. We at Holistic Vanity have created a rosacea-soothing line which repairs damaged, inflamed skin and strengthens its immunity. This product range is excellent for providing rosacea relief, but can also be used for those with sensitive skin who are looking to prevent the onset of rosacea.

This line is made up of five skin soothing products:

To address the skin holistically, our Holistic VaniTEA’s Anti-inflammatory Tea was developed. This offers internal support through its blend of Pitta-cooling and inflammation-removing herbs. Because beauty is a reflection of our health, we believe in an approach that harmonizes the internal body while effectively treating the skin topically.

All Holistic Vanity items are made lovingly with pure ingredients and are free from:
Petrolatum Propylene Glycol
SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) Phenoxyethanol
Parabens Phthalates
PEGs Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes
Animal By-products
(Suitable for vegetarians)