Anti-inflam Calendula Skin Tonic

This skin tonic is made up of the water extracted from organic calendula flower petals. Calendula has been used traditionally in many healing medicines both internally and externally as a powerful anti-inflammatory.This precious tincture is wholly derived from the calendula plant, undiluted by carrier oils, alcohols or water, and does not contain preservatives or additive ingredients.

Calendula hydrosol is also a rare find as it is not a bi-product of calendula oil manufacturing.

Price: $38

* Seasonally Limited: Holistic Vanity’s Calming Calendula Skin Tonic is a precious plant concentrate that is produced with great care. The calendula is steam distilled in copper metal equipment because copper has natural anti-bacterial properties. This kills yeast and fungus, purifying the calendula and bringing out its sweet note. The skin tonic is harvested sustainably in small batches, with its petals being picked weekly to collect it at optimal bloom. Because we strive to maintain the best quality of our ingredients, these delicate flowers are only harvested once per year at the height of the season, making it only available seasonally.

Calendula Hydrosol
Calendula strengthens the skin and soothes irritation while calming down inflamed breakouts and acute reactions. It tempers and heals an array of aggravated skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, heat rash and allergy-prone skin.
Scent and Feel

This liquid tincture has an earthy, grassy scent, which embodies calendula’s soothing and grounding properties.