Soothing Pomegranate Seed Lotion

This milky lotion is light enough to penetrate deeply, but rich enough to feed and protect fragile skin. Like the Holistic Vanity Calming Aloe-Kumari Cleanser, it does not contain water, but instead is packed full of aloe vera juice as its calming base. This Soothing Pomegranate Seed Lotion also contains punic acid from pomegranate, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its powerful antioxidant action.

Price: $57
Pomegranate Seed Extract Spirulina
Pomegranate Seed extract is a soothing and healing ingredient that stimulates the skin’s self-repair and regeneration. It contains punic acid, an anti-oxidant, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Pomegranate Seed Extract also maintains skin health as it improves elasticity. This also makes the skin more flexible and pliable, and therefore resilient against breakage, damage and irritation. This blue-green algae is packed with nutrients. It contains high amounts of vitamins (E, B12, Beta Carotene), anti-oxidants (superoxide dismutase and vitamin E), and minerals (over 90 trace minerals and an impressive 58 times more iron than spinach) as well as essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6. Spirulina is also excellent for guarding against dehydration and enables the skin to retain its own water.
Aloe Vera Juice Raspberry Extract
A healing, anti-inflammatory ingredient that also increases cellular hydration. Raspberry Extract contains phenol anti-oxidant – ellagic acid – which reduces oxidative stress and maintains proper cellular function.
Scent and Feel

This lotion is a medium-weight moisturizer, which penetrates well but also leaves a non-greasy, protective layer on the skin’s surface. It is unperfumed, which is ideal for reactive skin types.