Brightening Hyaluronic Lotion

This brightening lotion contains 15 percent hyaluronic acid – one of the best actives for increasing skin hydration + encouraging cellular repair. It also helps treat skin damage, as ample water content in the skin is the first line of defense against tissue injury and imbalance. Combined with pigmentation-fighting seaweed extracts, this moisturizer combats uneven tone, dehydration and dullness.

Organic Content

This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredients.

Price: $68
Hyaluronic Acid Bearberry
A substance found naturally in skin that provides cushioning, holds moisture, and aids in tissue repair. Hyaluronic Acid is excellent for improving skin health as it bolsters the hydration of the skin with its ability to retain up to one thousand times its own weight in water. Because tissue needs hydration in order to heal, this helps with skin restoration as well as with rejuvenation and anti- aging. A shrub that is known for its ability to alleviate hyper-pigmentation.
Sea Oak Norwegian Kelp
This algae helps prevent pigmentation as it eliminates free radicals caused by UV exposure, reduces the release of a key mediator of melanogenesis, and inhibits tyrosinase – the enzyme that triggers melanin production as well as actual melanin synthesis. It also prevents inflammation and reduces elastin and collagen decline, helping to maintain the healthiness of the skin and guard against free radical damage A seaweed extract that provides nutrients for the skin as well as decreases irregular melanin production. This is done by inhibiting UV induced endothelins that bind to melanocyte receptors stimulating melanin production
Scent and Feel

This lightweight moisturizer permeates deeply and leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated. It absorbs well and does not leave an oily finish. The scent of this lotion is slightly sweet with a powdery undertone.


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