Regenerating Seabuckthorn Berry Oil

Seabuckthorn Berry Oil helps to repair skin marks, weak tissue immunity and scarring. It is great for undernourished skin types as it is loaded with nutrients. It also provides great topical protection as a shielding barrier for damaged complexions. Because of its bright, crimson color, other Seabuckthorn Berry oil products leave an orange hue on the skin. But this oil has been loosened with precious evening primrose oil to prevent this, leaving the skin stain-free. Evening primrose is known for its nourishing and anti-aging properties. This combo makes for a fantastic moisturizing oil that heals compromised, war torn complexions.

Organic Content

This all-natural product is made up of 100% organic ingredients.

Price: $58
Seabuckthorn Berry Oil Evening Primrose Oil
This oil is derived from the pulp of the Seabuckthorn berries and contains a higher concentration of carotene than its seed oil counterpart. Seabuckthorn Berry Oil is rich in anti- oxidants and vitamins a and e, making it excellent for wound healing + slowing the rate of cell aging. Evening Primrose Oil is one of the best substances for providing solace to damaged skin. It is packed with essential fatty acids and has a particularly high amount of Gamma Linoleic Acid, which makes this oil a great anti-inflammatory. Evening Primrose Oil nourishes + protects complexions and ramps up the skin’s barrier function.
Scent and Feel

While this oil has a rich texture, it still spreads easily. Its scent is sweet with a slight
berry smell, though also has an undertone of bitterness.


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3 responses to “Damage Care Products – Regenerating Seabuckthorn Berry Oil

  1. Jessica

    Hi Kristen,

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to use this line and which products would be best for my skin.

    I have acne prone skin which also tends to be very dry due to the Vitamin A acid creams and antibiotics I used when I was a teen. Currently I tend to breakout (usually around my period but sometimes randomly) on my forehead. These breakouts take a long time to clear and leave long-lasting scars. When I’m not breaking out I have several small bumps all over my forehead. The only thing currently keeping my breakouts under control is an alcohol and witch hasel-based toner (I know alcohol only dries out my skin – but somehow it works).

    In addition to the toner, I currently use the argan oil from your line and Pure + Simple’s Algae Serum and Naturopathica ‘s calendula hydrating cream.

    Should I switch up and use more of the products from this line? Which products would you suggest? I’d love to hear what you think!



    • kristen

      Your regime sounds pretty good – but the real test is if your skin is improving. How does it look? How does it feel? The Seabuckthor Berry is great for scars but if you still break out, there are other oils that are better. The argan is quite good. I also would be curious to know what you are cleansing with – and on top of this, of course your internals are important! If you want more info – you can email me and I would be happy to go through it with you!

  2. Audry

    This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am in fact pleassant to read all at one place.

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