Rejuvenating Rosewater Cleanser

This milk cleanser hydrates depleted skin while removing damaging surface impurities. Studies have found pollution, smog and exhaust to create free radicals and is argued to be as bad for the skin as UV overexposure.

Organic Content

This all-natural product is made up of 89% organic ingredients and is ECO CERT certified as a natural and organic cosmetic.

Price: $30

The Rejuvenating Rosewater Cleanser provides a deep-pore cleanse without stripping the skin or its barrier function. It does not contain any water; instead, it uses organic rose hydrosol and aloe juice as its base. These ingredients are known for their repairing properties and support the skin’s moisture content. It also contains the revitalizing ingredients ginseng, geranium + tamanu oil and is excellent for removing makeup.

Rose Water (rose hydrosol) Tamanu Oil
Rose Hydrosol is made up of water extracted from the rose petals and is excellent for soothing inflammation, repairing wounds and burns and treating dermatitis. It also helps to maintain good circulation and proper PH balance in the skin. Made from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree, this oil has been found to help produce new skin tissue and is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
Ginseng Geranium
A great anti-oxidant, this oil improves the condition of stretch marks, marks and burns as well as ailments such as eczema and hyperpigmentation.A common herbal remedy in Eastern Medicine, this root is extremely rejuvenating and is known for its uses as an anti-aging agent. It contains phytonutrients that stimulate the skin’s metabolism and blood flow, aiding regeneration and healthiness. Ginseng is excellent for encouraging firmness and tone as well as brightness for the skin.Known for its anti-aging properties, this floral oil is revitalizing for skin tissue and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and sun damage texture.
Scent and Feel

This cleanser has a light texture that is almost a cross between a gel and a milk. It is not emollient or creamy and rinses clean. Its scent is floral, but not overly fragrant.


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