Holistic VaniTEA Anti-Inflammatory
Anti-Inflammatory Tea

This Anti-Inflammatory Tea is excellent for excess Pitta, as it eliminates heat and aggravation from the skin and body.  It is excellent for rosacea, eczema and sensitivity as it helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation in the internal body.

Price: $12.95
Hibiscus Calendula
This tart flower helps to reduce rosacea and alleviates high blood pressure. A staple for treating internal heat and aggravation as well as comforts reduces skin redness.  Excellent for Pitta eczema and other inflammation-related skin conditions.
Blue Cornflower Amalaki
Blue Cornflower calms irritation inside and out.  The water from this flower has been used traditionally to soothe sensitive eyes. A common Ayurvedic remedy for excess Pitta, amalaki eliminates heat from the skin and body.  This dried citrus fruit also gently detoxifies the digestive tract, blood and liver as well as is packed with concentrated anti-oxidants.

Holistic VaniTEA uses organic and wild crafted herbs wherever possible and contains no artificial colorings, fragrances, additives or extracts.