Holistic VaniTEA clarifying
Clarifying Tea

The Clarifying Tea gently purifies the skin and digestive system. It is made up of the traditional Ayurvedic mixture of fennel, coriander and cumin seeds, which promote the digestion and elimination of toxins.  Added to this is whole turmeric pieces, an herb that provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Price: $12.95
Turmeric Fennel
A powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial spice, turmeric helps to soothe and purify the skin and body.  It also cleanses the blood system and liver organ. Fennel supports digestion by enkindling digestive fire without aggravating Pitta (inflammation).  It is an anti-bacterial, which also helps to kill parasites.  This herb alleviates gas while toning the digestive system, eliminates excess mucous, and unclogs the liver and spleen.
Coriander Cumin
Coriander seed prevents bloating and aids digestion.  It also calms inflammation and treats high acidity.  Coriander seed contains vitamins b and c as well as calcium and iron, and prevents vitamin deficiency. Cumin pacifies Vata and Kapha, but reduces inflammation.  Cumin seeds aid digestion and purify the blood.  They are also excellent for boosting immunity and contain many antioxidants.

Holistic VaniTEA uses organic and wild crafted herbs wherever possible and contains no artificial colorings, fragrances, additives or extracts.