Holistic VaniTEA ZenAging
Zen Aging Tea

Zen-Aging tea is made up of an herbal blend which helps to restore and strengthen tissues, promote mental clarity, and support hormone-balancing + the process of menopause.  This tea nourishes the tissues and grounds the mind.

Price: $14.95
Borage Rose hip
A restorative herb that helps to regenerate, restore and strengthen the skin and bodily tissues. Borage is rich in b vitamins. Rose Hip is packed with vitamin c, which floods the body and skin with anti-oxidants.
Evening primrose Tulsi
Evening primrose supports the aging process and menopause through its hormone-balancing and healing properties. An Ayurvedic rasayana (rejuvenating herb), Tulsi, promotes mental clarity, mitigates stress and protects the kidneys (which guards against dehydration).

Holistic VaniTEA uses organic and wild crafted herbs wherever possible and contains no artificial colorings, fragrances, additives or extracts.