Shatavari Ghee for Better Busts

Breast-Implants-02When bra shopping the other week, the sales girl informed me that I was what you call “wide and shallow”. Needless to say, I wasn’t really in the mood for lingerie shopping after that. As a woman of Chinese descent I have always secretly wanted a bit more bust as we’re not really known for our voluptuousnesshairlessness: yes (it has its downside though as I pluck the wrong eyebrow hair and I get a bald spot) – aging well: yes (though I don’t believe this one). But because I am not into the idea of surgery and completely turned off by ads for Firm and Gro, I figured it would be an act of God to change the size of my assets (or lack of).

But that day, feeling especially small, I remembered back to a lecture I sat in on by Dr. Vasant Lad in which on one of his many off shoots he mentioned the wonders of Shatavari Ghee for breast enlargement.

Shatavari Ghee

For those of you who don’t know, ghee is butter that has been boiled and clarified, and Ayurveda uses it as a nourishing food as well as a vehicle for herbs and medicines. Ghee is great because its an oily substance that is not heating, but an anti-inflammatory.  Shatavari on the other hand, is an herb used to increase Kapha qualities (Earth and Water) and has been prescribed especially for the reproductive system (governed by Kapha) to increase fertility, libido, cleanse semen and breast milk and restore the tissue of the sex organs. Shatavari Ghee is ghee which has simmered Shatavari into it. So I decided to try it out.  Because I find medicated ghees hard to find, I went onto Dr. Lad’s site and ordered some online. For $14.00 USD – what’s there to lose?

shatavari gheeI will tell you that its not glamorous — it doesn’t come in a pretty container and it smells of butter. But every night I applied this salve to my bust, and while the scent made me feel like I was at the movies, there was no other inconvenience.Its been a week and I can honestly say I have found a means for natural bust enhancement -I promise this is not Spam (and there no penis enlargement or phone sex follow ups). I feel more fullness and my bras more snug.

Now, Yvonne at the office is pressing me for actual measurements, as she is a much more meticulous person than I (which is why she does all the Ad copy), but I can only go by feel because unfortunately I didn’t measure myself first. Ben did mention to me he noticed a difference, and I take that as an indication of success because he doesn’t usually comment on my changes even when I urge him to tell me if he can see my eye bags in different lighting. So I’m happy.

Dr. Lad had said the best results will come after doing this for one month so we will see how it goes after using it longer and like most natural therapies, we have to be realistic. He estimated that it would increase the bust line by an inch or two around, so its not going to mimic implants. But hey, I’m not looking for a miracle, I’d be content with being wide and medium.

18 responses to “Shatavari Ghee for Better Busts

  1. Allison

    I applaud your willingness to try new things. I do have to laugh at the concept of ‘butter breasts.’

  2. Kristen Ma

    I feel silly doing it. But I forgot all about it when I saw that it made differences.

  3. Lindsey

    kris, no one is in the mood for lingerie shopping after a sales girl tells you you’re “wide and shallow”.

    does it only cause swelling of breast tissue? what about lift?

  4. Marsia

    How much should you use? Teaspoon? Tablespoon? Once or twice a day?

    • kristen

      Once a day — I would say about a teaspoon. Just use as much as you need to cover the entire bust area (like applying moisturizer).

  5. daisy

    Is this the ghee you used,or purchased from Dr.Lad’s Website.
    Sidha Soma Supreme Shatavari Ghee ? or can you name the ghee if this was not the one used. How are the results? Long lasting?

    • kristen

      Yes, that’s the one! I have been a bit bad with the ghee lately – I stopped using it consistently but when I start it helps.

  6. Mary

    Thanks for the article!

    I was wondering….for about how long daily do you massage in the ghee? Do you just apply it or do you actually massage it for 10 minutes or something?

    Also, if you stop using it, do the effects wear off?

    Thanks so much again! =)

    • kristen

      Yep, just apply it Mary. Unfortunately the effects do wear off when you stop. It like anything – exercise, eating well, taking supplements – you need to keep it up. I’ve gotten lazy lately but will start again.

  7. alina

    what about the result now,5 months later?

    • kristen

      I stopped because I have beauty ADD – I started doing some other body treatments and testing out some other things. Sorry! I really like changing things up.

      • Alina

        you mean to say,the change remains even after leaving shatavari??? how many months to use it regularly for full effects??? nd what are the results now???

  8. Alina

    And how many bottles should we order???

  9. I would go for this. Nothing wrong with being a little firmer and fuller.

    • kristen

      Totally! And its natural its nothing extreme.

  10. shp

    can you suggest me abt this – Shatavari Ghee, from where can i get this. i live in london..

    • kristen

      I buy off of They have great quality stuff.

  11. Kathryn

    I studied with Dr. Lad for 3 years and he never mentioned that use to my class. He has such a wide & deep knowledge of the Ayurveda, that’s reasonable. I will remember to mention that to women who wish they had a bigger bust. I had to laugh, tho

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