Skin Consults

Want to book with Kristen? She’s available for consultations via Skype or good ol’ fashioned telephone!

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Consult Options:

Skin Chat – 45 minutes

Only want a short mini-sesh? Have specific burning questions? This consultation is for people with targeted focuses. Some want Kristen to sift their their skincare’s ingredients while others seek out nutritional advice. We set goals before the consult to ensure that we are addressing your exact needs. WIth every consultation Kristen needs to understand your skin to properly tailer her advice. So, Skin Chats require fill out a short questionnaire and attach digital photos (usually taken quickly and easily on your phone). Clear directions will be provided.

The Hol-Van-Plan – 1.5 hours

For those who want an in-depth assessment and strategy, this is your total skin plan. This requires filling out an extensive Holistic Health Questionnaire, Ayurvedic Dosha Test and send photos of your skin (clear directions about these will be provided). Kristen’s recommendations will cover the following areas:

– Diet
– Lifestyle
– Skincare
– Herbs
– Beauty Treatments
– Potential Detox Programs

22 responses to “Skin Consults

  1. Milda


    I have problem with very bad occasional break out and have been trying so many different products, including products for sensitive skin. Currently I am using fresh rose face cleanser and youth preserve face cream. But it didnt help with the acne blemish and acne breakout. So I want to consult with you to get your recommendation on the product that I should use.

    Thank you.


  2. Kristen

    Sure thing Milda! Just send me an email and we can set one up.

  3. Kirat


    I’ve been getting some really bad breakouts all around my chin and jawline area. I’m not entirely sure what it is. If you can give me any advice, that would be fantastic!

    Kind regards,

  4. Jacinta


    I’ve been having discolouration, break-out [never had it before] and prickly heat rashes and flaky dry skin from above my upper lips right to my chin area.

    I’ve tried Vichy, La Roche, Mary Kay, Elizabeth Grant, Eminence but somehow nothing seems to be working.

    I’ve always had glowing and pimple free skin but since arriving in Canada it’s been getting quite bad this winter.

    Right now, I’ve continued to apply Glaxo base moisturizer and cetaphil as my cleanser. My skin is no more glowing….what should I do?

    Please advise.


  5. Emmy

    Hi, I’m suffering a lot alately with my skin but only having breakouts from the bottom half of my face. However to be honest I do eat a lot of sweet things and have done for years but never has it been this bad. I’ve only realised it become server when I noticed my implant had become out of balance with my hormones and I was wondering as well as the fatty foods is this also a key problem for my skin? I’m on a detox at the moment and I noticed you said banana don’t really help so I’m just wondering, what are the best fruit and veg?

    Kind regards

    • Claire


      I, like many others suffer from jawline acne which spreads to around my mouth and cheek bones.

      I am mostly raw vegan, i excersise vigorously daily (afternoon), drink at least 3L of water a day and wash my face reguraly.

      according to me, i am doing everything right to have good complexion but never have.

      I have a mirena IUD in which prevents me from getting my period so i cannot relate my skin behaviour to menstrual cycle.

      I eat a lot of banana and soy. Is this the only thing giving me bad skin??

      your help would be great

  6. Annet


    My name is Annet and long story short I have been suffering from severe acne for 5 years. My acne is located mainly around my mouth and jawline, but also my chest and back (which has been less after taking the birth pill, but which I have discontinued 7 months ago). I have severe problems with my periods, after discontinuation, I have had no period. My acne and scars are so bad, that sometimes I just don’t want to look in the mirror anymore. I have to apply foundation daily to cover the skin-discoloration, the scars, the redness and inflammation. I have tried a raw food vegan diet in order to reduce it but it only made it worse. I have tried the starch solution and this also did not reduce the acne. Now I am not on a certain lifestyle diet, but I am vegan. It is really frustrating that being on such diets, that are commonly seen as healthy, don’t help my skin. Therefore I think that my acne problem is something more advanced and needs other sort treatment. I have been reading about Ayurveda and really believe in the power of healing with Ayurveda. Please help me with finding a balance so that I can be happy and the person I was before I had this acne.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,

  7. sinthu

    I m 33 yrs days i hve more acne type pimples on my chin and jaw line.if i take heavy protein rich food like beans i can get its vanshing,if i stop eating it comes again.can u suggest me what typenof this,,,wat i have to follow to cure this….

  8. Vanessa

    I have persistent breakouts on chin and on sides of lips for Several days before and after my period. It is very inflamed and painful, I often treat it by breaking the skin with a warm towel then applying ACV, however within the night or next few hours they are full of puss again. I exercise regularly, eat clean, and maintain a cleansing pattern, but nothing seems to break it. On top of that my eczema has exacerbated over the past few months to a level that is sometimes overwhelming. I’m posting this late because I was awakened by an uncomfortable stinging sensation on chin only to reveal that the pimples had surfaced again. I’ve been to several doctors including holistic, however the protocols range from birth control to impractical diets. I’ve eliminated many items such as dairy, gluten, and fermented foods. I understand that whatever reveals itself externally is a Window to what’s going on internally, that’s the issue though no one has really exposed anything I didn’t already know. Maybe you can give me insight to the cause of this hormonal fluctuation at 25 yrs of age?

    • kristen

      Vanessa, thank you for your post. I have a few insights – first, I think that you are not extracting your blemishes properly or fully, which is why the white heads reappear. I recommend you only have an esthetician do it because you need to know when they are ready as well as be able to extract them thoroughly without marking the skin. Second, it sounds like you have a lot of internal inflammation as you have both acne and eczema – the eczema is probably not a hormonal issue as the acne may be. There are so many reasons you ca have hormonal imbalance: estrogen dominance, PCOS, thyroid problems… Has your doctor done a hormonal panel? Also, the root cause according to eastern medicine remains to be the inflammation.

  9. Vanessa

    Thank you for your Time. .

  10. Mads

    Hi Kristen
    I am getting eruption of acne in my chin nd jawline.. it started two months back around the lip area and then spread toward lower cheek area. My dctr said its a hormonal change tht happens to girls aftr 28 and eruption is in.lower half of face. The meds she gave have reduced the painful pus pimple but I still get small ones.. it Hav led to too many scars on my face which makes me depressed. Can u pls with details of the diet I shud maintain. And any other precaition nd medication tht I shud take. Can I have non ripen bananas..does milk nd curd also needs to be stopped. Pls could you guide me.

  11. xuyongfu

    Hii… I’m suffering from cystic acne in chin.. every time I hot period, before and after menstruation. I always get the pimple in my chin. Its big and painful, I can not even laugh. Because its painful.. I tried to cut dairy, sugar, drink some coconut oil. But it still the same. what should I do? T.T

  12. Samiyah

    I break out alot on my jawline, and chin, i cant help picking them to reduce inflammation, so when my spot disppears i have alot of post inflamatory pigmentation (brown/red scarring left on my face) can you help me to get rid of the scarring please

  13. Caitlin

    Hi Kristen,

    Do you have any experience with Perioral Dermatitis? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated more than you know! It’s a stubborn and frustrating condition, and causes constant discomfort (painful, dry, itchy).

    • kristen

      I do! This is an extensive thing to chat about – so perhaps you should email me! You can do so through the site 🙂

  14. stef

    hello im struggling alot with my skin at the moment, i dont know what to eat i dont know what to put on it so ive opted out of everything only coconut oil and lavender on the spot treatment. My skin is HORRIFIC under the chin and on my neck, im trying to cut out gluten but as soon as i start exercising i need carbohydrates! this problem is super bad and has been burdening me for a while, i thought it was candida and have been recommended high vitamin a tablets at the docs. no idea what to do. please help! i have eczma on my hand and i get so moody too its very debilitating especially around ovulation days. have also noticed that my hair is falling out alot so im trying to manage everything and really am struggling!

  15. Mamta

    I am 45 and having this jawline and neck acne 0 role. .its very ugly. .Please suggest me what can I do ..I di not eat much sweet or creamy diet. ..I think it’s harmones but how can I get rid of this pimples

  16. Airriyonna

    I have been breaking out on my chin and jaw line on both sides . I have no clue y. Help please

    • Jenny N

      I have breakouts on both sides of my jawlines. They come and go and never seem to completely heal. And they leave black spots too.

  17. John

    please can I get you mail or skype to contact you for consultation?

  18. Carlie

    Hello, I keep getting cystic acne on the right side of my jaw line. It doesn’t seem to be connected to my diet (I did the Whole30 challenge for a month and nothing changed). I sleep on the left side, not the right. Is there a chance this is connected directly to one of my ovaries?

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