Skincare picks for if I was stranded on a desert island…cuz I just might be

My Make up BagAs you may know, I am packing up my bags for two months and a-goin’ travellin’. Ben and I are heading to New Zealand and Australia then making our way through Asia. We’ll be going everywhere from busy city centers and remote mountain regions. And, we’ll probably end up on a secluded island or two (with any luck).

Now the priss in me wants to take a duffel bag of skincare and makeup, but the efficient Pitta in me insists on only taking carry-on luggage. And, my true nature wins out, I’m only packing one carry-on and a small backpack (that’s a bit more stylish than practical….the priss makes a small win of her own). This is going to be a feat considering I am going from a New Zealand winter (around five degrees Celsius) to the hot hot heat of Thailand and Hong Kong. My friends think I’m crazy – two months with just a tiny wheelie? Shoes alone take up half a carry-on. Unfortunately I have to pair down shoes and use that space for (drum roll) beautycare!

And, I need to choose my skincare choices wisely, because I only have limited real estate. Don’t get me started on how Ben and I need to try and stay in 100ml bottles with 10 max (I go through almost a bottle of shampoo alone a month). Here’s what I’m bringing:

1. Two 100ml Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Face Washes – its clarifying without being stripping because its for sensitive skin – so good for dry or humid weather.

2. One small Rosemary Hydrosol – to disinfect and tone. Great on cuts and scrapes.

3. One Pure + Simple 100ml Soothing Mimosa Emulsion – A hydrating serum that also amazing after sun. Its takes down burn inflammation like magic!

4. One 100ml Pure + Simple Skin Softening Moisture Lotion – A lotion that is also an eye cream. Two in ones are way more functional. But its also a great non-waxy moisturizer that is slightly anti-aging.

5. One 100ml Holistic Vanity Comforting Camellia Oil – The most delicious face oil ever. Of course, I’m not bias. But its good to always travel with a lotion and an oil because you can layer them, mix ’em or use one or the other if different climates. This give you the ultimate in flexibility.

6. One 100ml Pure + Simple SPF 30 – Sensitive – A must for obvious reasons. And a natural mineral sunblock is also important to avoid absorbing hormone-disrupting ingredients.

7. One tube of Green Beaver Toothpaste – I wanted to bring two tubes, but its just not going to fit!

8. Two Shampoos – One John Masters Reconstrcting Shampoo – for hard water situations (its nourishing) and a secret TBA Pure + Simple Shampoo – for softer water conditioner (its more clarifying).

9. One 100ml Pure + Simple Organic Spearmint Body Wash – This is a wonderful, invigorating body wash. It’ll make me feel clean even in the grimiest places.

10. One Pure + Simple Flawless Finish Foundations in Biscotti – A foundation that also moisturizes. This is essential as I wear this also everyday. It is mineral-based so there’s a bit of sun protection.

11. One Martina Gebhardt Rose Lip Balm – Keeping me kissable…even when I’m cranky from walking too much. ben’s knows.

12. One Martine Gebhardt travel size (15ml) Aloe Vera Cream – a rich, calming cream. Its always good to have one of these for if your skin gets sensitive for some reason. Especially good after long, drying plane flights.

Holistic Vanity Skincare Essentials

Only some of my skincare picks...with two other runners up (Pitta Face Oil and Calendula Skin Tonic)

Thank god I have a bunch of powder products I can pack with unlimited on-board quotas!

13. Two sachets of travel-size Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask – for surprise breakouts

14. My beloved Pure + Simple Mineral Powder – It conceals and gives SPF!

15. One Jane Iredale Bronzer (So Bronze 2) – The only cheek color I need.

16. Two Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Trios (three colors in the size of one….efficiency is the name of the game).

17. A nude lip pencil (Pure + Simple) and a slightly darker pinky/brown (also Pure + Simple) along with a black brown eye liner pencil for eyes and brows!

18. None skincare/ cosmetics: Seven make up brushes, a nail clipper, brow trimmers and tweezers, a Korean body scrub glove and a flocked sponge.

Phew! Now you know what my must-haves are. They are officially outta the bag (man, I love cheesy puns). And all I have to say is that I’m glad Ben isn’t high maintenance so I can put some of these in his carry-on too. Because we only really need one of us staying pretty on a desert island.

6 responses to “Skincare picks for if I was stranded on a desert island…cuz I just might be

  1. Steph

    Thanks for sharing! I’m impressed you’re only taking carry-on. I did that when I went to Costa Rica and but it’s easy when you’re living in a swimwuit! I’m heading to Australia this weekend and I’m blaming the weather for requiring a suitcase to hold my warm clothes for Melbourne. Bring on winter.

    • kristen

      Its so hard – and its freezing in New Zealand! Thank heavens for wool…thin but toasty warm!

  2. Kareen

    That’s quite an arsenal of beauty products! I really like the fact that you’re the person behind their creation and know exactly what’s in them and how to use them. And if you run out, I suppose it could be an excuse to try out relatively unknown but also really great natural beauty products throughout your travel. Save and happy travels to you and Ben!

    • kristen

      Thanks Kareen! Yes – if I run out it gives me an excuse to do some research of local prods!

  3. Jess

    I cannot believe that’s all your packing! Amazing! I am very impressed 😉
    If you run out, pop by your nearest Jurlique and ask for samples (they have everything!). They also have 50ml sprtiz bottles, which is handy for travel. Alternatively, if you’re in Melbourne, I definitely have an array of P+S essentials on hand haha. Have an amazing journey and safe travels!!!

    • kristen

      I wish I was coming to Melbourne..just Brisbane – but if I was I’d be booking a dinner with you m’dear!

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