Why You Should Refrigerate Your Skincare

August 12, 2016

This summer has been hot with a capital “H”. When the weather really sizzles, I always remember to chill my skincare (also when I travel to hot climates). This is important for a couple of reasons: first, if you use natural skin but don’t have air-conditioning, the heat can make your cosmetics go bad. As a skincare formulator, I know this well. Using natural ingredients, strictly regulating our warehouse temperature is key – in the past I have literally torn my hair out as we’ve …

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Flower Power: The Best Floral Ingredients For Your Skincare

May 13, 2015

As our gardens reach full bloom, we are reminded of how floral essences offer up some of the most powerful skincare ingredients. Flowers used in skincare have been prized for centuries for their fragrant smells and potent therapeutic properties. Here are some of the most effective floral ingredients for the most petal pretty complexions. Rejuvenating Rose One of the most common flowers in beautycare is rose. Rose is best known for its rejuvenating properties, so is a common addition to anti-aging formulations. Rose water itself …

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The Balancing Act: Understand What Balanced Skin Actually Means and How to Get It

April 23, 2014

When diagnosing the skin, I say forget traditional categories of dry, oily and combination – that only looks at oil.  And heck, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with oil.  As an esthetician with a decade of looking at complexions, I have found what really matters is our oil-to-water relationship for real balanced skin.  This balance is what will really lead to beautiful skin. But most do not understand oil-to-water balance and I have seen lots of clients cause major imbalance because of their misconceptions.  Many people …

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Don’t dry, Purify! Witch hazel – a gentle astringent

April 9, 2014

Spring has JUST sprung!  And with this seasonal transition,  this has been marked by many people talking to me about breaking out. So, I thought I would post about purifying without drying out your skin.  Not only is this good because we aren’t quite done with dry cool weather just yet but also because drying out our skin has promote more blemishes (yes! we can worsen our acne when we try to treat it this way!). When I had acne I was convinced that drying …

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Do You Really Need A Toner?

January 22, 2013

I’m a gal who loves simplicity. Even though I sell skincare, often I actually edit my client’s regimes so they are more streamlined and need less steps. So, its only natural that I contemplate whether we really need toners. I mean really – do we really need a toner? Unfortunately, my practical pretties, we do. And here, I’m gonna explain it to you so that you understand their function instead of just buying these extra items because someone behind a counter told you to. To …

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Immortelle Flower: A Healing Remedy for Sensitive Skin

January 27, 2012

With a name like “Immortelle”, how can this flower not promote beauty? Also called “Everlasting” for is wonderful restorative properties, technical cosmetic geeks (like me) may know it by its INCI name: Helichrysum. I’ve used Helichrysum/Immortelle for years and love how soothing it is for sensitive skin as well as its yummy maple-like scent. I feel as though its sweetness calms down my Pitta heat – and it has a sort of caramelized smell to it that makes we want to drink it. But lets …

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Beauty Junkie in Morocco: Hand-Crafted Rose Water From The City of Roses and Daggers

August 23, 2011

 Somehow, even in the most remote places, I find ways to buy beauty products.  The Atlas Mountains near the Sahara Desert is no exception.  Luckily for me, on our way to the desert, we stopped into the small Moroccan town of EL-Kelaat M’Gouna, nicknamed “The city of roses and daggers”.  In my Lonely Plant Guide, its written that “rosewater is sold on every self-respecting shelf in town here”….sounds like my kind of town.  And, when I saw building after building with signs advertising d’eau de …

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