Tub Talk with Joy McCarthy: Super Foods for Skin Hydration

February 10, 2012

As you all know, holistic vanity is all about beauty from the inside out. So, it only makes sense to have my inaugural post on the newly revamped site to be a featured video with Joy McCarthy. Joy is a wonderful holistic nutritionist and blogger whose site Joyous Health is a bounty of wellness knowledge. She took the time to hang out with me in my bathroom tub (my zen place of beauty) for what I like to call a “tub talk” and chatted with …

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Holistic Vanity Party Time!

February 7, 2012

As many of you know, I’m launching my new skincare line – Holistic Vanity Rosacea Care tomorrow with a debut bash at The Bata Shoe Museum. It’ll be a pre-Valentine’s day event to celebrate self-love, pampering and calming care. Hopefully you’ll be there to join me! We’re giving away some great swag and prizes from health-oriented, sustainability-promoting companies such as Zip Car, David’s Tea, Sha Sha Bread Co., One Tooth Yogawear, Joyous Health, I Am Yoga – and of course, Pure + Simple! We’ll be having scrummy …

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A Recipe for Hydrated Skin: Nutritional Beauty with Joy McCarthy

April 1, 2011

I am the first person to say that beauty is not something that can be addressed from skincare alone.  I surf tons of blogs and articles on the nutritional aspect of beauty, and in my search is how I first met Joy McCarthy.  She has a wonderful blog that provides excellent information on health and wellness, but also of course, how this relates to great skin.  It’s filled with words of wisdom as well as (my favorite) delicious, nutrition-packed recipes (and they’re usually quick and …

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