Why You Should Refrigerate Your Skincare

August 12, 2016

This summer has been hot with a capital “H”. When the weather really sizzles, I always remember to chill my skincare (also when I travel to hot climates). This is important for a couple of reasons: first, if you use natural skin but don’t have air-conditioning, the heat can make your cosmetics go bad. As a skincare formulator, I know this well. Using natural ingredients, strictly regulating our warehouse temperature is key – in the past I have literally torn my hair out as we’ve …

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Cosmetics N’ Chaos – Skincare To Keep You Fresh During Summer Music Fests

June 11, 2013

Anyone who has been to a music festival knows that it involves a whole lotta bodies, sweat and, if you’re lucky, public urination.  And at The Governor’s Ball in New York last weekend you can add rain to the list.  Translation: mud and flooded port-o-potties.  I have never been so muddy in my life, you’d think I was the descendent of the Honey Island Swamp Monster.  Now, I know that some people are rough and tumble festival goers who  revel in down and dirty fun.  …

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