Three Ways Natural Hair Oils Can Save Your Strands

I love natural oils. I literally slather myself in oils form head to – including the scalp. In Ayurveda, hair oils are particularly holistic as they are used for hair care as well as mental grounding. I personally recommend hair oils such as coconut, sesame and jojoba for moisturizing our manes for healthier strands but hair oils have a multitude of benefits. To demonstrate this, here are three new ways to use ’em beyond simple scalp moisture.

oil for styling

1. Oil for Styling

Decrease fly-aways and to add weight to your ends with a pump or two of plant oil. For those with curly hair, oils can help manage frizz. Use a light coconut based oil (many of our staff actually use our Pitta Body Oil) as it won’t make thick, curly hair feel heavy, instead it will simply increase its healthiness and give it a wonderful texture.

strong hair

2. Oil as a Protector

Straightening your hair everyday can damage it. While this give you a great, polished look, it can dry out your hair and cause strand trauma. So, using a hair oil is important to apply before running your hair through the iron, to protect it.

hair loss

3. Oil to Prevent Hair Loss

We lose hair when our scalps are dry and brittle. According to Ayurveda, it is also aggravated by heat in our bodies manifesting in the head, causing dehydration. Using an Ayurvedic oil should make the scalp skin more supple and strong – and our hair strands moist in order not to break. Classic Bringraj Oil is a old favorite – and it is also said that it helps to prevent premature greying….fingers crossed eh?

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    I so agree…love oil products cause they actual work for our hair!

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